iXML Community Group Test Suite

23 Oct 2023 (22 Nov 2023)

Top-level catalog for tests in the iXML Community Group Test Suite.

Tests have been contributed from several sources, but the core of the test collection are the tests contributed by Steven Pemberton in December 2021.

Grammar Syntax tests

03 Jun 2022

Syntax tests provided by Steven Pemberton in December 2021.

All tests are negative (the file.ixml files do not conform to the grammar for ixml).

Since these are all parsed against the grammar for ixml grammars, the expected result could be given as 'assert-not-a-grammar' as well as 'assert-not-a-sentence'. The inputs are not sentences in the language defined by the grammar for grammars, which means they are not ixml grammars.

Three catalogs are provided, using different formulations. This one describes all the tests as grammar tests and relies on the ixml grammar built into the processor.


Created 16 Dec 2021 by SP

Updated 08 Feb 2022 by ndw

Convert to a passing test.

Invisible XML Grammar

a: "a", b, c.
b: "b", c, d.
c: "c", []. {it should block here, since nothing matches}
d: "d".

Test case: elem1

Repository URI: …/tests/syntax/catalog-as-grammar-tests.xml

Created 08 Feb 2022 by ndw

Input string (5 characters)


Expected result

The input does not match the grammar.