Invisible XML Specification Errata

Version: 2022-09-29


This document lists errata on the Invisible XML 1.0 Specification.

Proposed errata

None at this time.

Accepted errata

E001: The Unicode character class “LC”

Accepted at the meeting of 11 October 2022.

The definition of the nonterminal letter is changed to ["A"-"Z" | "a"-"z"] to address the fact that recent versions of Unicode include the class “LC”.

A class is one or two letters, representing any character from the Unicode character category [Categories] of that name, which must exist (error S10). E.g. [Ll] matches any lower-case letter, [Ll; Lu] matches any upper- or lower-case character.

   -class: code.
    @code: capital, letter?.
 -capital: ["A"-"Z"].
  -letter: ["A"-"Z" | "a"-"z"].