iXML Community Group Test Suite

21 Jun 2022 (20 Aug 2022)

Top-level catalog for tests in the iXML Community Group Test Suite.

Tests have been contributed from several sources, but the core of the test collection are the tests contributed by Steven Pemberton in December 2021.

Misc tests

13 Jun 2022

Grammars 1-20.

Tests compiled manually in 2018 and 2019, re-packaged in 2022.

Moved to ixml test collection, June 2022.


Created 08 Feb 2022 by cmsmcq

Trivial left-recursive grammar, from Loup Vaillant and Grune/Jacobs.

L(G) = {'', 'a', 'aa', 'aaa', ... } = regex a*.

Invisible XML Grammar

A: A, "a"; .

Test case: g07c01

Repository URI: …/tests/misc/misc-001-020-catalog.xml

Input string (0 characters)

Expected result

<A xmlns:ixml="http://invisiblexml.org/NS"